Coffee Advent Calendar – Travel around the world in 24 days

Coffee Advent Calendar – Travel around the world in 24 days

Chocolate was yesterday, coffee advent calendars are trendy.

In two weeks the fun starts. If you do not have an advent calendar yet, you should hurry up. Between 35€ and 70€ you should invest for specialty coffee. But it’s worth it! Not only that you get 24 bags with up to 50g coffee.

You’ll be drinking around the world in 24 days – from India, Papua New Guinea, Laos and Indonesia via Kenya, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia to Brazil, Peru, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Colombia. In addition to single origins you get in some calendars also espresso blends or coffee accessories.

Of course, I could not resist, and I took the Tres Cabezas calendar, which even includes 2 Cup of Excellence winners. How beautiful it hangs and especially from 1 December tastes, you can follow on my Instagram profile.
Now its your turn to choose your most wanted! You can find the typical traditional coffee preparation by simply clicking on the respective country at the top of the article or you can click here.

Coffee Advent Calendar


Thanks to Arne from Coffeeness! He was certainly awake for more than 3 days, because he was tasting through some coffee advent calendar. His detailed judgment here.

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