Café au Lait Day

Café au Lait Day

On 17 February, the National Café au Lait Day is celebrated in the USA.
  • The Cafè au Lait is a French milk coffee and is drunk mainly in France for breakfast.
  • Since when and why the Americans celebrate the day is not clear, but also with the number of immigrants not surprising.
  • In New Orleans the Café au Lait is prepared with chicory and served with beignets.

☕ Preparation

  • The original preparation consists of 50 % coffee and 50 % hot milk without milk foam.
  • Often however milk foam is used – in any case more beautiful for Latte Art 😉
  • The basis is usually a lungo or a strong filter coffee.
  • Cafè au Lait is served in a bol, a large conical bowl without handle.

☕ International Versions

Each country has its own name and own preparation from Café au Lait – here a small selection.

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