1001 Friends on Facebook

1001 Friends on Facebook

Thanks for your 1001 friend requests on Facebook from:

Bangladesh, Venezuela, India, China, Algeria, Singapore, Brazil, Netherlands, Thailand, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Taiwan, Togo, Argentina, Kenya, Chile, Tanzania, Malaysia, Congo, Nigeria, Cameroon, Myanmar, USA, Japan, Pakistan, Mexico, Mozambique, Vietnam, UK, Peru, Germany, Angola, Cambodia, Mali, South Korea, Ghana, Sudan, South Africa, Laos, Egypt, Tunisia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Jordan, Morocco, Nepal, Uganda, Namibia and many more.

You live in many countries, which I have already written on my blog about. Time to let you have a word.

How does each of you, your friends and family prepare your coffee traditionally?

Post about Facebook or below your recipes and pictures. I am already looking forward to the colorful mix. The most beautiful and most traditional I will soon devote a contribution to my blog and social media channels.

Happy coffee preparing, drinking and posting 🙂
As a small thank you to you – here 1001 coffee beans from different countries of the world.

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