Handcraft Coffee

Handcraft Coffee

The name speaks for itself and is quite Third Wave!
The pillars of the Handcraft Coffee onlineshop are quality, tradition, craftsmanship, sustainability and enjoyment.


Akpanas Passion for coffee is reflected in the loving selection of products.
On the one hand, you will get a good selection of specialty coffees of various roasters in Germany – mainly single origins.

You’re undecided? No problem – there is even a taste consultant!
After 2 simple questions one quickly gets a smaller selection of coffees, with which I decided immediately for “Honduras Honey”.
Honestly, the description of the coffee makes me thirsty 😉 Candied pineapple, nuts, sweet and full-bodied.

🍶 Equipment

On the other hand, Handcraft Coffee also offers a wide range of stylish accessories – from handmills and filters to kettles and dishes.
So you get all in one shop from the following brands: Hario, Monarch Methods, Espor, Canadiano, Cafflano, GoatStory, Able Brewing, Hile Design, Kinto, Strietman, Bairro Alto, Toast Living, Ouver Coffee and Handground.

My personal favorites are the porcelain cups with wood grain from Toast Living and the Goat Story Coffee Horn To Go in black leather. That makes you conspicuous even in Berlin 😉
Because all good things come in threes, the Toast Living handmade coffee carafe with copper filter will find a new home with me the next days.

Since I would like to share my happiness with you, I have organized a 10 % voucher* from Akpana for you 😉 Enjoy shopping!
All you have to do is enter the following coupon code when ordering: bunaa17

*The voucher can be redeemed with an order until 31 December 2017, coffees are excluded. The Handcraft Coffee Terms and Conditions apply: https://www.handcraft-coffee.com/pages/it-right-agb

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