Maroua Coffee

Maroua Coffee

Today a recommendation for all mocha lovers

Do you know this situation? The roaster of your trust has the best coffee, just no decent Arabic coffee blend. The Arab or Turk of your trust have the most delicious baklava but not always the best quality coffee. Never again! Your new address: Maroua Coffee.

The Arabic coffee blend from Frankfurt am Main is new on the market, only since the beginning of this year and is a project of pretty good friends: Maroua Kouidri and Jesko Barabas. Maroua is from Algeria and wears a headscarf as a Muslim. Jesko is her best friend and has created the logo for Maroua Coffee. Maroua’s face and headscarf are supposed to defy negative clichés and intolerance.

The two freinds are so much more than other Third Wave roasters. Maroua and Jesko are focused on the social, connecting character of coffee drinking. The Arab countries not only have the oldest coffee culture. Here, coffee is the basis of commonality. With their blend, the roasters not only want to mix coffee, but also cultures – coffee blend cultures. But let’s talk about the coffee itself.

Maroua Coffee 1

bunaa-coffeebean The Coffee

  • 100% Arabica
  • 70% Brazil Mantequeira Mountain yellow bourbon (pulped natural) and 30% Ethiopia Sidamo (washed).
  • Post-roast blend, that is, when the two coffees are roasted individually to the point and then mixed.
  • Roasting takes place at the Frankfurt specialty coffee roastery Caffè due Mani.
  • A fruity, spicy blend with a velvety-rounded, sweetish body of hazelnut and orange and a floral topping of roses and bergamot.


You can either buy the coffee online or you can get in Frankfurt directly. Here you can find all addresses. Also planned is a café in which Arabic and German coffee culture can be experienced together. I keep my fingers crossed that Maroua and Jesko find an affordable cozy location.

☕ Traditional Preparation

If you need inspiration and recipes for the Arabic coffee blend, click on the following countries to find the suitable traditional preparations that I have already researched and tried for you: Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco and United Arab Emirates.

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