Cappuccino Stencils

Cappuccino Stencils

Pimp my Coffee

Not everyone succeeds Latte Art. But you want your milk foam not to be so naked? It’s easy with cappuccino stencils. Mostly you get a small selection of different motives in the set to buy. Even seasonal motifs for Halloween and Christmas are available. But the classic heart for the beloved in the morning must not be missed. If not included in the set, get a cocoa spreader.

The handling is simple. Prepare the cappuccino, leave some space on the top of the cup, place the stencil on the edge of the cup, sprinkle the cocoa over the stencil, and you’re done.

Small hint: It does not always have to be cocoa. With cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric and Co. you can give your coffee a very special touch.

I have checked for you, where you get the most beautiful sets. If you have further suggestions, feel free to comment.

Cappuccino Stencils


If you want to create your stencils individually, or as a gift for Easter, you can customize them on

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