Torrefacto Method – Learn about an oldschool method

Torrefacto Method – Learn about an oldschool method

Roasting style with a long tradition

Torrefacto is a way to roast coffee beans. Originally developed in Spain, France and Portugal to make coffee last longer and preserve flavor. Unsurprisingly, the roast method has spread worldwide and is still found in countries such as the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Argentina or Malaysia.


Torrefacto Coffee

At the roaster around the corner you certainly can not buy Mezcla. Caramelized coffee beans are certainly a mortal sin for the Third Waver. If it’s common in so many countries, I think it’s definitely worth a test. So I was on my way to find Mezcla. If you have a Mediterranean market nearby: Torrado and Torrefatto means translated just like Torrefacto toasted. So that’s not what you’re looking for. Torrefacto coffee is usually labeled with Cafe Mezcla, Café y Ázacur and the mix of natural and sugar-toasted coffee.


In Spain, Mezcla is also often prepared as Azucar Espresso or Café Azúcar. For home, the Bialetti is ideal. This espresso is the perfect basis for cappuccino or cafe latte, because the flavors of the coffee are shown to their advantage.

For coffee machines Mezcla is only partially suitable because the sugar could stick the filigree grinder. But you only have to worry about blends above 50% Torrefacto coffee. In that case you can also take a mortar. With professional mills there are no issues at all.

And for all people counting calories – yes, of course, the coffee has a little more calories, as part of the beans are roasted with sugar. In a mixture, the calorie content does not increase exorbitantly. So enjoy your Mezcla.

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