Coffee in Portugal – Bica, Galao and more delicious coffee specialties you never heard before.

Coffee in Portugal – Bica, Galao and more delicious coffee specialties you never heard before.

On the 10th of June, the Portuguese celebrate their national holiday probably with Galao and Pastel de Nata

Dia de Portugal, de Camões e das Comunidades Portuguesas

  • In the first place it is the death of the deceased national poet Luís de Camões, who wrote the National Epos “The Lusiaden”.
  • In honor of Camões the city of Lisbon celebrates its city holiday on 10 June.
  • What should not be missing in Portugal is coffee! And so it is prepared:

Preparation of Galão, Bica and other coffee specialties

In Portugal, caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee are always chosen. Milk froth is not common and a glass of milk is ordered as “Copo de leite”.
Espresso is served with sugar and sometimes with a cinnamon stick instead of a spoon. And of course you have a Pastel de Nata* with your coffee!
How each coffee looks like, you can see by clicking.

  • Bica/ Café – Espresso (half an espresso cup).
  • Italiana short espresso, a ristretto.
  • Café cheio – espresso lungo.
  • Abatanado – Americano, large black coffee (120-180ml of hot water poured over a single or double espresso)
  • Carioca weak espresso. A carioca is poured after a bica without using new ground coffee.
  • Galão – Galao is simply Portuguese milk coffee in the glass. 1/4 coffee, 3/4 steamed milk


galao - portuguese coffee cup

  • Mazagran – The coffee in Portugal in summer! 100ml chilled filter coffee, 50ml lemon juice, sugar to taste over ice in a glass
  • Café com Aguardente – „espresso with liquor“.
    • Café com Cheirinho – „espresso with fragrance“.
    • Café com Música – „espresso with music“ – espresso with a dash of brandy, medronho* or other liquor.
  • Garoto: espresso with milk in the ratio 1: 1.
  • Garoto pingado oder Pingado: espresso with a drop of milk (with very little milk).


  • Café com gelo – an espresso (with sugar) on ice.
  • Meia de leite milk coffee, optionally as:
    • meia de leite escura – with more coffee.
    • meia de leite clara – with more milk.
    • meia de leite com café de máquina – with espresso.
    • meia de leite com café de filtro – with filter coffee.
  • Café americano/ Abatanadoan espresso is pulled so long until a cup is full.
  • Café duplo/ Abatanado duplo two espressi are drawn so long until a cup is full.

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