Sierra Leone

Country of exotic coffee from the coffee producer on world rank 43 with 0.04 % worl market share.
Productivity World Champion is Sierra Leone anyway!
  • 2.5 tonnes per hectare is the harvest productivity of Sierra Leone. On rank 2 is China with 2,2581 tons and on rank 3 Vietnam with 2,2503 tons.
  • The many wild-growing coffees are increasingly cultivated organically, including Robusta, Liberica, Stenophylla and Excelsa.
  • The cultivation areas are: Moyamba, Bo, Kenema and Kailahun.
  • Origanally from Sierra Leone, Coffea Stenophylla was discovered in 1890: a particularly small-leaved coffee plant, cultivated at a height of up to 700 m.
  • The well-known “Highland Coffee” is made from those beans.
  • The plant needs little water. The beans are round and large, and the fruits become black during ripening.
  • Mild in taste, not typically African “earthy”, Stenophylla coffee is almost comparable to tea.
  • By the nature of a low caffeine content, one can drink the coffee also perfectly in the evening.

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