The 2nd largest cacao producer, is only #42 of coffee producers worldwide.
  • Agricultural products are often grown on large plantations in monocultures, like introduced in the 19th century by the colonialists.
  • Mainly Robusta grows at altitudes of 600 – 900 m.
  • The raw coffee is exported, like other raw materials processed abroad or refined, in order to import it again much more expensive, e.g. instant coffee.
  • Not surprising, that coffee drinking does not have much tradition in Ghana.
  • However, there are also local roasters such as Upcountry Coffee Company.
  • Compared to 1981, there is 86% less coffee cultivation area in Ghana and compared to 1961 74 % less harvest productivity.
  • Even if the export volume has been doubled since 1990, this is less significant at 0.03 % world market share 😉

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