Rank 46 of worldwide coffee producers – but in the top 10 of most harvesting productive countries!
  • Coffee is grown in Paraguay since the end of the 19th century.
  • The plantations were then in Altos, near Asunción and near Limpio.
  • In 1967 plantations in the north of Paraguay came to the Brazilian border.
  • The most important cultivation areas today are Amambay, Alto-Parana and Canindeyu.
  • In the past, Paraguay had problems producing coffee specialties due to transport issues and partly inaccessible coffee growing areas.
  • Since 1981, Paraguay has lost 96% of its harvest area and so the volume of exported coffee.
  • The taste is similar to the Brazilian.
  • National favorite drink is not coffee but Paraguay Tereré or Yerba-Mate.
  • Anyway, coffee is celebrated in the capital of Paraguay – Asunción, during the summer at the ASU Coffee Fest.
  • Here are tasted, there are latte art competitions, workshops, food, music and art.
image rights: ASU Coffee Fest

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