National Coffee Day in Ethiopia, Indonesia, Mexico and Co.

National Coffee Day in Ethiopia, Indonesia, Mexico and Co.

Today, on September 29, coffee is celebrated in many countries of the world.

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The reason for this date is the end of the harvest in many countries at this time.
Countries that are celebrating coffee today are: Ethiopia, Australia, Belgium, England, India, Indonesia, Iceland, Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, South Africa, Hungary and USA. Here also the National Mocha Day is celebrated today.
With the new International Day of Coffee on 1 October, the 29th September is likely to turn into the background. On Sunday more ­čÖé
Today, however, you can look forward to different activities, depending on the country and the city, from vouchers, open days to workshops.
And with the right dose of coffee you can also celebrate until Sunday to the International Coffee Day. 3 days awake. Cheers

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