National Mocha Day

National Mocha Day

On September 29, the National Mocha Day is celebrated in the USA.

Since today is Friday and coffee is always a good idea, we celebrate for granted!
Caffè mocha, more commonly known as Mochaccino, is an espresso-based coffee drink with milk froth and cocoa powder or chocolate syrup. Sometimes it is also served with whipped cream, decorated with cinnamon and covered with mini-marshmallows.

The name is derived from the port town of Mocha in Yemen, which was THE world’s coffee port in the 15th century. More about this in my article about Mocha.

A small how to prepare Mochaccino, you can find in the Youtube video or my Instagram profile. If you like variations, try White Chocolate Mocha and Iced Mocha. Cheers!

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