Copenhagen Coffee Tour

Copenhagen Coffee Tour

I was on tour again

After my London coffee tour I was in Copenhagen last weekend. I did not find traditional Danish coffee or coffee punch despite demand. But bright sunshine, typical lightly roasted filter coffees and the latest trends in Scandinavia.

Original Coffee

Just around the corner from the hotel and Amalienborg Palace, I just had to look over. But Original Coffee has a few more coffee shops in the city. On the menu you can choose between espresso based coffee and filter coffee, but you also get cold brew and espresso tonic. Who wonders what En Foss is: a Flat White. Third wave pure the store! As the baristas were not very talkative I enjoyed my Håndbryg from Tanzania in silence 😉

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Nordhavn Coffee Roasters

Skudehavnsvej 13, 2150 

Hungry on the way to the trendy Street Food Reffen for Peruvian, African, Greek and Thai delicacies I also found some specialty coffee of Nordhaven Coffee Roasters. I order an espresso Freddo. For the espresso beans of the in-house espresso blend no. 3 used. While being shaken by hand with cane sugar on ice, I get from the super-happy Barista on top a filter coffee for tasting. In the future, a small micro roasting is to be built on the site. You have to go!

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The Coffee Collective

Also very centrally located is a bar of the Coffee Collective. There are various cold coffees, coffee kombucha, coffee beers and coffee cocktails in addition to espresso and filter coffees. How am I supposed to decide? I do not have to. I order a Kenyan Kalita hand filter coffee and not only shoot wild photos, but also taste Kombucha coffee and Colombian Batch Brew coffee. In addition I get some good tips for my coffee tour. Very cool barista – stylish shop and you can enjoy the coffee in the courtyard next to a small fountain.

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Statement Coffee

Not far from Tivoli Park I find the next Third Wave Coffeeshop. As every coffee shop in Copenhagen seems to be producing its own Cold Brew Coffee, I’ve given myself a freshly drawn Colombian. Here you should definitely come with hunger. There are healthy fresh salads, sandwiches and breakfast plates, as well as sinfully delicious-looking tarts. And there is plenty of room in the clean Scandinavian-style café.

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Coffee First

Gammel Kongevej 1, 1610 

Had I known that earlier, I would have come later. Here, in addition to coffee cocktail classics, there have also own creations. I left the gin at 2pm – and orderes an espresso tonic with a great strong coffee blend. Nice if the espresso despite third wave does not taste sour (sorry: fruity). Full body. I’m a fan! It was a lot of fun to chat with the barista, exchanging recipes and experiences, and once again get coffee shop recommendations. Small shop. Great taste and big knowledge and passion!

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Enghave Pl. 1, 1670 

In the middle of the trendy quarter Vesterbro you will find this beautiful café. There is good coffee and delicious food. Unfortunately I had bad luck with the very young barista. The espresso is prepared with the in-house espresso blend. But neither the packaging nor the barista could tell me where the beans came from. So I leave for the last spot.

Prolog Coffee Bar

Høkerboderne 16, 1712 

Still in Vesterbro: What else could I drink now? My blood was almost made of coffee. So it may exceptionally be something with milk for dilution. But please with hipper oatmilk as Cortado. The co-founder, roaster and Danish Barista Champion 2018, Jonas Gehl did not prepare the coffee for me. He was in Amsterdam at the Barista World Championship at WOC. My Cortado was still perfect – a must for every coffee lover.

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My conclusion: typically Scandinavia! Greatly designed coffee shops, blond coffees, lots of filter coffee and third wave trendy coffees. Only at the price level of 4, – € – 6,50 € the coffee I did not really get used to. Luckily you only put the plastic card on for a short time and you do not have to worry about tipping. Absolutely worth a visit!

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