Coffee Culture in Berlin Districts

Coffee Culture in Berlin Districts

Berlin, you are so wonderful … culturally colorful!

It is therefore quite surprising that Italian coffee specialties still dominate with espresso, latte macchiato and co.

That’s why I have done some research on it. And even though the map is certainly not complete and two at least completely apart from the logical series, I hope you have fun with the map and discover the colorful world of coffee cultures on my blog.

Which culture hides behind Mocha, Qawah, Cafecinho, Cafecito, Cafe Frappe, Latte Macchiato, Cortado, Ca Phe Sua Da, Oliang, Cold Brew, Café au Lait, Im Nu, Кофе по-турецкому (Russia), Kawa sypana (Polen) and Kahawa you will figure out by clicking and much more.


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