Hungary and its coffee houses have almost as long a history as in Vienna.
  • Thanks to the Turks, coffee making is an integral part of Hungarian culture.
  • The first coffee arrived in Buda in 1579, addressed to a Turkish merchant named Behrám.
  • The Hungarians called the beverage fekete leves (black soup) – since the middle of the 17th century Kávé.
  • Under the influence of Austria during the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy a mature coffee house culture developed.
  • From the beginning of the 19th century onwards, intellectuals, artists and, above all, literati resort in the elegant coffee houses.
  • In Budapest there were more than 500 cafes per inhabitant – more than in Paris.
  • The license to open a coffee house in Budapest was only given to restaurateurs who could prove that they were not running a bordello.
  • But they were allowed to open 24/7 and became like a second home for many Budapest.
  • Today, the atmosphere of the noble 600 cafes reminds one of the lifestyle of the famously bohemians.
  • Unfortunately, only a few originals from the 19th century have survived the change of time or have been revived after a decade-long break.
  • For a cozy cup of coffee, a piece of Hungarian Dobos cake or a serving of Somlauer Nockerln can not be missed.
  • But also followers of the Third Wave movement are at home in Budapest.
    In the summer (2017) the coffee world championships took place here.

Coffee specialties

A small black, strong prepared Hungarian coffee

Bécsi kávé
2 scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate pieces, strong coffee of foamed milk and whipped cream in the glass.

Hungarian Melange
Liquid honey, milk froth, mocha, which is layered along a straw in the glass, decorated with whipped cream and a coffee bean.
Here the video.

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🏠 Coffee houses in Budapest

If you love Third Wave coffee, you’ll find it here:

  • Espresso Embassyself-roasted coffee in focus with cakes and pastries
  • Coffee Shop 64organic-certified coffee with freshly baked croissants in a cozy atmosphere.
  • Mantra – cold brew, Chemex, Aeropress, Clever Dripper, V60 Fretta, Mizudashi
  • My Little MelbourneAussie Style incl. Byron Bay Cookies and next door:
  • My Little Brew Bar – pour-over only
  • Warm Cupcoffee from micro roasters, plus fresh pastries and snacks
  • Madál 3 locations with talented baristas
  • Budapest BaristasLa Marzocco GB5 to Kalita, plus pastries and snacks
  • Fekete very small, but fine including handmade sweets, sandwiches and cakes
  • Tamp & PullThe First New Wave Café in Budapest

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