Armenian Coffee – Coffee with Long Tradition

Armenian Coffee – Coffee with Long Tradition

Armenians opened the first European coffee houses


Armenian Coffee
Armenian Coffee Cup

Traditional Preparation

Հայկական սուրճ (Surj/ Surch/ Surtsch) – Armenian Coffee

Armenian Coffee is drunk throughout the day in Armenia. In the streets there are small stalls with freshly roasted coffee beans everywhere.
Their traditional way of preparing coffee is over 1000 years old. As with the preparation of Turkish coffee, the beans are very finely ground and prepared in a mocha pot, called jazva/ jazzve/ jesveh / imrik.

  • One cup of cold water is filled into the jazva per mocha cup.
  • In addition a heaped tsp very finely ground coffee as well as 1 tsp sugar is added to taste.
  • Stir well and heat on the stove until the coffee foam rises.
  • Then take it from the stove, repeat 2-3 times and immediately fill in the cup(s).
  • If you like, you can also put a cardamom capsule or fig in the cup before pouring in the coffee. This gives the coffee a special aroma.
  • With the coffee choregArmenian Easter bread is served.
  • After drinking coffee, it is also a popular to read from the coffee grounds.

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