Netherlands: Dutch Coffee

Netherlands: Dutch Coffee

The inventors of Cold Drip Coffee, called Dutch coffee


Dutch Coffee

Dutch Coffee: Preparation

Koffie Verkeerd

“Wrong Coffee” is originally the Dutch name for a cup of filter coffee with lots of milk – a 1:1 milk coffee. Today you can also get it with an espresso instead of the filter coffee. It is served in a glass. The coffee is “wrong” because it is traditionally drunk only with a dash of milk (wolkje)

Advocaat Kaffee
  • 1 jug of hot, strong coffee
  • 12 tsp of egg liqueur
  • Fresh whipped cream
  • Cocoa powder for decorating

Brew a jar of strong coffee. Spread the egg liqueur into 4 glasses or cups. Pour the hot coffee over the egg liqueur and a generous amount of cream on top of it. Sprinkle with some cocoa powder and serve. It is drunk layer by layer.

Advocaat / egg liqueur originates from the Antilles and Brazil and was originally made from avocados, cane sugar and rum (abacate). When the drink reached the Netherlands, avocados were replaced by eggs because avocados were not available in the Netherlands.

Dutch Coffee

Dutch Coffee is Cold Drip Coffee – ice cold water is dripped over freshly ground coffee between 3.5 – 12 hours. There are also special coffee makers, which are also very decorative. The coffee tastes more complex with this method and contains more caffeine.

eiskaltes Wasser wird über frisch gemahlenen Kaffee zwischen 3,5 – 12 Stunden getropft. Dazu gibt es spezielle Kaffeebereiter, die auch noch sehr dekorativ sind. Der Kaffee wird durch die Methode geschmacklich komplexer und enthält mehr Koffein.

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