Coffee by App

Coffee by App

Anyone who thought shoes could not be sold online was wrong. So why should the latest trend to order coffee by app not work?

MyCoffeein is an app that virtually connects you to your barista.

You are looking for your coffee shop, where you want to pick up your coffee-to-go, click on your favorite coffee and pay by Pay Pal or credit card.
No queue, no wait … because your coffee is ready at the appointed time. Cafés in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne are currently available. But looks as if other cities and cafés are coming quickly.
You can download the app here at itunes or google play
Now you can only argue about whether you really have so little time or should have to queue for a coffee for 3 minutes.

However: There is no better than a cup of coffee, which you order at the waiter and enjoy peacefully in the café with friends.


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