Latte Art

Latte Art

Today it is about the milk in its most creative form – Latte Art

For this purpose, a cappuccino is prepared in such a way that the infused milk results in a figure or image.

They are formed in the classical manner by utilizing the flow of the milk foam during pouring. Meanwhile, however, the surface is also drawn, milk is layered in 3D and there is even a coffee printer.

So it is obvious that there are country specific and world championships every year. The World Latte Art Champion 2017 is by the way Arnon Thitiprasert from Thailand.

How does it work?
  • The basis is the perfect milk foam, with a creamy, viscous and still liquid consistency.
  • With the right milk (cold and 3.5% fat or more) and the foaming, the art begins.
  • Pouring should be done quickly after foaming, otherwise liquid and foam will separate again.
  • Circling movements can delay this and the foam can be made even more creamy and fine-pored.
  • If necessary pour the foam for 2 coffees. Here is a guide.
  • Depending on the figure, there are different “pouring methods”. The classics are
  • Here are a few videos for drawn Cream Art, 3D Coffee Art to the coffee printer

Where can you learn it?

If you want to start right now, but you miss the equipment, simply go to a Barista or Latte Art course. This is a lot of fun, you get to know cool people, and can drink coffee all day 😉 Here are some addresses:

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