What can I do with coffee grounds – top 10 tips you don’t wanna miss

What can I do with coffee grounds – top 10 tips you don’t wanna miss

Well tasting and waking up may be the most common characteristics of coffee. Have you asked yourself: What can I do with coffee grounds? Instead of throwing it away, I show you today.


#1 Anti-cellulite peeling

  • As I wrote in one of my last posts, one use the coffee grounds simply for a peeling. Here are all the info

#2 In natural soaps

  • In addition to the peeling and anti-cellulite effect, the soap also neutralises odors and fights foot and nail fungus. You can find the recipe for the soap here.

#3 In eye cream

  • The caffeine stimulates blood circulation and thus reduces swelling. If you do not want to buy industrial products – here is a recipe to do it yourself from coconut oil, olive oil and coffee.

#4 As a vitalizing hair treatment

  • Use coffee as a substitute for a shampoo or use it in a pure manner to give especially brown hair shine, power and a rich brown tone. That is how it goes.


What can I do with coffee grounds in the household

#5 Remove scratches on dark wood

  • Add moistened coffee ground with on small scratches of dark wood furniture with a Q-tip . The coffee ground fills the scratch and the contained oil closes it. The scratch becomes invisible.

#6 Remove odors

  • After cutting onion or garlic, you can rub your hands with coffee ground to neutralize the smell, because coffee absorbs foreign odors quickly. This also works with dry coffee powder in shoes or in the refrigerator. Coffee for consumption does not belong to the refrigerator for the same reason 😉

#7 For cleaning spent pans and pots

  • Easy to use as a scrubby milk. For vases simply add 2 tbsp of coffee ground add hot water, shake it, wait 1 hour, done.what

#8 Natural coloring

#9 Keep away animals and insects

  • Dried coffee ground keeps cats and snails away from vegetable beds. Due to the neutralizing properties, ants also lose their trace and remain remote. With wasps it needs something more – here the coffee ground must be burned in a bowl, since the smoke drives the wasps away.

#10 Fertilizer and accelerated composting

  • With the nutrients nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus one can use coffee ground perfectly as a fertilizer for many plants. In the garden, the coffee ground also attracts earthworms, which accelerate composting.

I hope you have fun with some of the ideas. I look forward to your experiences in the comments. Perhaps you know even more application possibilities.

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