Cyprus Coffee – Strong Coffee since 1571

Cyprus Coffee – Strong Coffee since 1571

A traditional preparation that does not surprise, but makes you want more.
  • In 1571, the Ottomans took power and brought today’s Cyprus coffee to the island.
  • As in many other countries many coffee houses (kafeneion or kafenes) opened.
  • But access was only for men. They were talking about politics and news or just relaxed.
  • The women met together at home to exchange news and coffee grounds reader (kafetzoú) read the future from the coffee grounds.
  • In traditional coffee houses, the typical Cyprus coffee is still being prepared all over the island.


Traditional Preparation

Coffee is drunk the whole day: to wake up in the morning, to welcome guests or just in between. But one thing is for sure – Mocha to go – does not exist!

Kypriakos Kafes – Cypriot / Cyprus coffee

Coffee grounds reading

After you finished the coffee, turn the cup over on the saucer. Give it a second and then turn round the cup to check for the dried coffee ground pattern that remains in the cup. Here is a small overview of how you can easily look into the future. Each pattern has a specific meaning – actually like lead casting.

  • Eagle: innovation in life
  • Bean: Financial difficulties
  • Egg: prosperity and success
  • Fish: Your life is more appealing.
  • Bell: Surprising news
  • Camel: A wish comes true.
  • Wheel: Happiness is changing.
  • Boots: gifts and money


Café frappé (καφές φραπέ kafes frape)

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