A traditional preparation that does not surprise, but makes you want more.
  • In 1571, the Ottomans took power and brought today’s coffee to the island.
  • As in many other countries many coffee houses (kafeneion or kafenes) opened.
  • But access was only for men. They were talking about politics and news or just relaxed.
  • The women met together at home to exchange news and coffee grounds reader (kafetzoú) read the future from the coffee grounds.
  • In traditional coffee houses, the typical Cypriot coffee is still being prepared all over the island.

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☕ Traditional Preparation

Coffee is drunk the whole day: to wake up in the morning, to welcome guests or just in between. But one thing is for sure – Mocha to go – does not exist!

Kypriakos Kafes – Cypriot coffee.
  • You can order the coffee either pure (sketos), sweet with 1 tsp sugar (metrios) or very sweet with 2 tsp sugar (glykos).
  • For a mocha cup, 1 heaped tsp of very finely ground coffee powder is mixed with cold water (and sugar).
  • Everything is heated together in a small saucepan made of copper (mbrikia / briki) on hot sand (hovoli).
  • With increasing heat, a crema forms on the coffee (kaimaki).
  • When the coffee foam reaches the top of the briki fill in the mocha cup.
  • The coffee is served with a glass of water.
  • It is best drunk in sips, because the coffee grounds is on the ground of the cup and shall not be drunk.

Coffee grounds reading

After you finished the coffee, turn the cup over on the saucer. Give it a second and then turn round the cup to check for the dried coffee ground pattern that remains in the cup. Here is a small overview of how you can easily look into the future. Each pattern has a specific meaning – actually like lead casting.

  • Eagle: innovation in life
  • Bean: Financial difficulties
  • Egg: prosperity and success
  • Fish: Your life is more appealing.
  • Bell: Surprising news
  • Camel: A wish comes true.
  • Wheel: Happiness is changing.
  • Boots: gifts and money
Café frappé (καφές φραπέ kafes frape)
  • You get in modern restaurants.
  • As in Greece, this is a frothy iced instant coffee.

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