Coffee Soda

Coffee Soda

Coffee is not only addictive hot with milk and sugar

Anyone who has drunk cold brew coffee, espresso martini or coffee tonic, knows that coffee has its charm cold as well. In some countries, they even add a variety of spices and other ingredients such as cinnamon or orange blossom water to the hot coffee. From there it is really not far to cold lemonade. When I was in London a few weeks ago, lemonade fever hit me. I wanted more. So I’m back. What’s in the Soda, where you get it and how you can easily prepare yourself, I’ve put together. Attention, it’s getting wild!


It is pretty simple. Prepare the Cold Drip Coffee the day before or buy Cold Brew coffee.

  • 60 ml Cold Brew Coffee or Cold Drip Coffee
  • 120 ml mineral water / soda
  • 30 ml syrup

The instructions for preparing Cold Drip coffee can be found here. If you want to make the syrup yourself, heat 22 ml of water with 22 g of sugar (preferably cane sugar or muscovado) until the sugar has completely dissolved. For the lemonade mix the coffee with the syrup first, then add the soda water and serve it with 2 ice cubes in a glass.

But the real fun begins when you use other ingredients. There are no limits. From lime juice and orange peel over spices such as cinnamon and vanilla or syrup with different flavors such as coconut or lavender syrup to rose water or orange blossom water. You can even replace the mineral water with tonic, ginger ale or ginger beer. In the evening, a shot of gin, vodka, angostura, or kaluha can be a good idea.

My tip: just look at the list of ingredients of coffee soda manufacturers for inspiration and check the existing flavors of your coffee. A coffee with citrus notes is of course perfect for combining with lemon juice or lime zest.

Here is a small overview of coffee sodas manufacturer.


Coffee Soda

Pure coffee: 70% Guatemala Alejandrina and 30% Peru El Palto.


Spice Cold Brew Soda

Cold Brew Coffee mixed with ginger, orange blossom, black spices, tangerine and sweetened with raw cane sugar (3%).

Citrus Cold Brew Soda

Cold Brew Coffee mixed with lemon, lime and grapefruit, sweetened with raw cane sugar (3%).

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Ginger Hibiscus

Ginger’s warmth and the tart flavor of Hibiscus help to create a silk-smooth mouthfeel and light flavor.

Meyer Lemonade

With a touch of maple and a pinch of Himalayan pink salt, lemon and coffee become the taste bud heroes. 

Mint Grapefruit

A nuanced flavor, with the minty notes easing the bitterness of both coffee and grapefruit.

Tart Cherry

Single origin beans from Costa Rica. This is a roundly smooth coffee with nice sweetness.

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Honey Lemon

Cold Brew, local honey, natural cane sugar, lemon juice

Ginger Citrus

Cold Brew, natural cane sugar, ginger juice, lime juice, ginger extract, orange oil

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