Coffee Sangria

Coffee Sangria

Thanks in advance to Coffee Circle for your inspiration

It’s summer, it’s warm, perfect to drink red wine in the evenings. I find red wine quite heavy and fall asleep usually after the first glass almost on the edge of the glass. What helps? Coffee! This not only tastes surprisingly good, but lets you dance through the balmy summer nights.

Last week, Coffee Cicle advertised a recipe on Instagram and and replaced the red wine with coldbrew. The recipe you can find here. A really cool combo with the tequila. My approach is rather based on the Spanish original with red wine and lighter with less alcohol.

Coffee Sangria

Quarter lime and orange and slice them – dice the apple. Put aside a few slices for the glass decoration. Put everything else in a glass carafe and let it sit in the fridge for 1-2 hours.
Fill glasses with 2 ice cubes each and decoration fruits before pouring. Add the remaining ice cubes in the carafe.

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