Advent Calendar – Day 21

Advent Calendar – Day 21

Back to the origin of Arabica coffee.

We are in Ethiopia, a region with exceptionally good coffee quality.

bunaa-coffeebean The Coffee

Oromia Guji Espresso

  • Guji is located in southern Ethiopia in the Oromia region near the Kenyan border.
  • The coffee cherries are a mix of several varieties that have prevailed over the centuries in the region.
  • Local varieties such as Certo and Wolisho mingle with ancient genetic coffee lines that are still wild trees. This is unique in the world and is referred to as the “Ethiopian Heirloom”.
  • At 1,750 – 2,300 m altitude, the coffee cherries are traditionally cultivated in natural forests by small farmers, picked by hand and taken to the Washing Station for further processing.
  • After the espresso roasting, the coffee gets intense fruity flavors.
  • Notes of Earl Gray tea, lime, caramel and jasmine complete the taste profile.

The beans are prepared with the cold brew method today.

☕ Cold Brew

  • Coffee draws in cold water in a sealed container between 8-24 hours – at room temperature or in a refrigerator.
  • The ratio of coffee to water is often calculated so that a concentrate is produced.
  • 500 ml of water per 100 g of coffee

With appropriate caffeine content, I do not need to sleep until the bag 22 😉

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