Advent Calendar – Day 22

Advent Calendar – Day 22

Today we treat ourselves to a cup from Central America

We are back in Costa Rica with a different coffee than the day before yesterday.

bunaa-coffeebean The Coffee

Don Martin ‘Tarrazú’

  • Tarrazu is the most famous coffee region in Costa Rica.
  • Don Martin Urena and his family grow Arabica coffee of the variety Catuai at an altitude of 2,000 m at Finca La Chumeca.
  • Only the deep red coffee cherries are harvested and processed as natural.
  • Tasty notes include orange, dark chocolate and a creamy cocoa finish.

… Why start with calories at Christmas? With the heating on 5, I prepare a typical German summer drink today.


  • chilled coffee with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

Let yourself be surprised about tomorrows bag 23 coffee and the preparation.

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