Advent Calendar – Day 23

Advent Calendar – Day 23

The penultimate bag in the Advent calendar

contains another coffee from Kenya.

bunaa-coffeebean The Coffee


  • The Kagumo Coffee Factory, located in the Murang’a District in Kenya, is supplied with green coffee by 300 coffee farmers from the surrounding area.
  • By working closely with the Coffee Management Service, the Kenyan coffee farmers are supported in sustainable and quality-enhancing cultivation methods.
  • In addition to seminars and training, farmers will have simplified access to biological fertilizers, work tools and training materials.
  • Arabica coffee of the varieties SL 28, SL 34 and Ruiru 11 are grown at an altitude of 1,750 m.
  • The Kagumo filter coffee has a balanced body and fruity sweetness with subtle acid nuances.
  • Notes of ripe berries and sweet apples are complemented by a delicate caramel chocolate finish.

For a typical Kenyan preparation you need coffee, limes and honey.

☕ Filter coffee with lime and honey

  • brew strong coffee with a hand filter.
  • Add 2 slices of lime and a spoonful of honey.

The last bag 24 is due tomorrow. But don’t worry, it stays exciting after Christmas 😉

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