Advent Calendar – Day 20

Advent Calendar – Day 20

Today an extraordinary variety comes into the cup.

Back across the Atlantic Ocean to Costa Rica.

bunaa-coffeebean The Coffee

Hacienda Sonora, Elle Nueve

  • The extraordinary Arabica Variety Elle Nueve is cultivated on Hacienda Sonora at an altitude of 1,300 m in West Valley north of San José on 75 ha.
  • After the harvest, the coffee is “honey processed” – so it is dried slowly after pulping for several weeks in the sun.
  • Tres Cabezas directly imports the coffee from the Guardia family.
  • After roasting in Berlin you can taste aromas of exotic fruits, dark grapes, sweet melon and a finish of cocoa.

the beautifully lightly roasted filter coffee gets Finnish into the cup.


  • The Finns drink their lightly roasted filter coffee very strongly.
  • In any case, the coffee goes together with yeast pastries (Pulla), Finnish pies or Korvapuusti – cinnamon rolls.
  • If you order “kahvi ja munkki” you get a cup of coffee with a pastry that has been fried and rolled into sugar.
  • Coffee is usually drunk with sugar and milk.
  • Attention: coffee with “real cream” (oikea kerma) is with a shot and not with cream 😉

Tomorrow with bag 21 we have again a classic from Africa.

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