Advent Calendar – Day 19

Advent Calendar – Day 19

As promised yesterday, today we get the taste of Africa.

Today’s beans come from Burundi. The country can look back on a long coffee tradition thanks to its optimal geographical and climatic conditions, such as high altitudes, volcanic rock soils and tropical humid climate.

bunaa-coffeebean The Coffee

Burundi Kibingo Bourbon

  • The Arabica Bourbon beans are grown in northern Burundi, the Kayanza region, which is known for its high coffee quality.
  • Cultivated by about 3,500 small farmers at an altitude of 1,983 m, the coffee cherries are processed in the central Washing Station ‘Kibingo’.
  • The ripe cherries are sorted by hand on site. The beans are then separated from the pulp with a pulper, then dried and fermented for 12 hours before swimming in the water basin for a further 24 hours to be freed from the last residues of the pulp.
  • After a quality check, the coffee beans are dried for about 2 weeks.

… simple preparations are usually the best, so the beans come Burundi-country typical in the cup.

☕ Burundi Bush Brew

Grind the roasted coffee beans, brew with water, wait a few minutes and filter through a sieve, done.

Bag 20 is my topic of tomorrow – guys, it’s Christmas soon!

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