Advent Calendar – Day 18

Advent Calendar – Day 18

Back to Costa Rica

The Chorreador also wants to be used regularly. But first about the beans.

bunaa-coffeebean The Coffee

Finca Las Lajas Organic

  • Doña Francisca’s and Don Oscar Chacón’s “Las Lajas” Farm was the first certified organic coffee farm in Costa Rica in 2000.
  • At 1,450 m altitude Arabica beans of the variety Caturra are grown.
  • The coffee cherries are honey processed.
  • After the pulp has been separated, the beans are left to dry in the sun with a thin layer of pulp (mucilago). This you can taste it even after roasting.
  • The espresso has a soft full body with an intense sweetness.
  • The fruity aromas are reminiscent of drupes, apricot jam and plum compote.

… sure, the coffee comes traditional Costa Rican with the Chorreador in the cup today.

Café Chorreado

  • Hook the Bolsa (cotton filter) into the Chorreador.
  • Bring water to a boil and grind the beans.
  • Add 1-2 heaped tsp. coffee powder per cup to the filter and pour over the water.

Bag 19 brings us an African coffee tomorrow – look forward from which country!

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