Great Britain

Great Britain

Coffee culture with a long tradition

This week once again it is time for the annual London Coffee Festival (April 12-15) and initiate the UK Coffee Week on April 16. Time to take a look at the English coffee culture.

☕ Traditional Preparation

Although the consumption of tea on the island decreases every year, 84% of the British drink tea every day. Meanwhile, the British are also very involved in the Third Wave coffee scene.

Irish Coffee
  • Sweeten 1 cup of strong hot coffee with 1 heaped tsp sugar and place in preheated jars.
  • Stir with 4 tbsp of Irish whiskey.
  • Then beat 2 tbsp of cream semi-solid and pour over the coffee.
  • Sprinkle with grated chocolate and serve.

Coffee Roasters in England

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