Russian Coffee – Кофе – From Turkish to RAF

Russian Coffee – Кофе – From Turkish to RAF

Russian Coffee (Кофе) in a nut shell: The world champions of instant coffee become Third Waver


Кофе  - turkish coffee pot
Кофе  - turkish coffee pot

Traditional Preparation of Кофе

While coffee to go is a trend in Western countries, the Russians prefer their café. They like to take time for their coffee or have a snack with it. The most popular beverage in Russian coffee houses is with 70% share of cappuccino. At home, however, coffee is usually brewed Turkish.

Oriental coffee (Кофе по-восточному)
  • The name stands for Rafael, who is said to have invented the drink.
  • 320ml: frothy double espresso, 2 tsp sugar and cream
  • Raf is available in different flavors such as vanilla and citrus.
  • Outside Russia, you get the Raf in Double B branches.
Mead RAF
  • In This version of RAF coffee honey is used instead of sugar.
  • By first making a double shot of espresso
  • Then adding a tsp of honey and a couple of ounces of heavy cream in a milk-frothing pitcher and frothing until it reaches 60°C
  • There you have your very creamy Mead or Honey Raf Coffee.

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