Crema de Café

Crema de Café

We are spreading coffee also on your bread today!

Finally weekend. If you’re wondering what you should spread in your bread, just keep reading. Last year, I introduced you to the espresso coffee spread from Flat Brew. Recently, there is also a German company that produces coffee spread. I am talking about the Berlin start-up Crema de Café and their coffee-chocolate spread, which I tested for you.


I bought a glass at the first Berlin supermarket, which had it in the assortment. On Edeka is easy to rely 😉 Don’t worry, gradually the spread will be available in other stores and supermarkets. No coincidence as the founder Julia Stenschke participates in “Start Up! Who will be Germany’s best founder?” and so has Karsten Maschmeyer at her side. Check the Facebook profile to stay up to date.

How much?

  • At Edeka the spread currently costs € 3.99
  • Online in a double pack € 12.40, as a pack of four € 19.90 (what a big price increase!)


  • Honestly, what you get is really delicious and tastes much better in the chocolate mix than the pure coffee spread by Flat Brew.
  • I like the short list of ingredients: sugar, rapeseed oil, palm oil, skimmed milk powder, low-fat cocoa powder (7.2 %), coffee (2.7 %), emulsifier: lecithin (sunflower).
  • The caffeine content is 0.04 %. So you wont get any trouble with spoon attacks during the night.
  • Taking a closer look, you can see that the cocoa is Utz certified and also the palm oil comes with the RSPO certificate from sustainable cultivation.
  • But what is with the remaining ingredients, especially the skimmed milk powder and the coffee? This remains uncertain.
  • Especially with a coffee spread I would like to know more about the ingredient coffee.
  • So unfortunately, the spread is not suitable for Third Wave!
  • I hope there will be a revised list of ingredients soon. With this price the spread should be completely organic and fair produced.

Until then, I am enjoying it anyway. Have a relaxed weekend.

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