Coffee Spread

Coffee Spread

I was the week in London and could finally buy the coffee spread of Flat Brew.

The story about it.

How do I know about it? Thanks to Social Media 😉 via Instagram. On Tuesday it was time to get into the plane and off to Oxford Street. In the Foodhall of the Selfridges department store, which exclusively distribute Flat Brew, I took two packs for £ 5.99 each.
The anticipation was big. But it would have been too nice, to get the two simply in the hand luggage back to Germany. The safety standard in LHR is as usual far above that in TXL. I was fished out, a pack was opened and there were praiseworthy words for the good smell. However, the spread is too liquid and may be sent to Berlin either by mail or as a checked baggage in the freight compartment.
I have decided for the 27 € freight compartment ticket. This increased the price to about 40 € for 2 x 285g.

The compensation followed the next breakfast on likewise imported crumpets. Not healthy, but as English as the coffee spread!

It has a smooth texture, creamy, dark, full-bodied, very strong, sweet, aromatic and caffeinated. Not for every day in harsh quantities, but a great highlight for the weekend.

What is inside?

  • 12% dark roasted coffee beans, cocoa butter, sugar, cream, butter and soy lecithin
  • Unfortunately nothing for nut and gluten allergy sufferers

Where do you get the coffee spread?

Flat Brew - coffee spread

image right main image: Flat Brew

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