Coffee Report 2017

Coffee Report 2017

Tchibo has been conducting surveys on coffee all over the world also this year, together with brand eins Wissen and
This year, the focus is love.

The following topics are covered:

  • Countries, varieties, producers, including fair trade
  • Definition of love
  • Consumtion & Consumers, with survey on desire & enjoyment
  • Raw and roasted coffee as commercial goods.

A few facts from the report:

Coffee consumers in Germany:

  • 42.4 % provides coffee energy.
  • 55.3 % enjoy their coffee in a moment of silence.
  • 38 % find coffee should be celebrated.
  • 65.7 % drink filter coffee regularly.
  • 57.1 % drink coffee several times a day.
  • 46.6 % like to try new coffee variations.
  • Fairtrade coffee cultivation areas have grown from 2012: 0.9 million h to 1.1 million h in 2014.
  • 4c certified production areas are also growing steadily and amounted to 1.6 million h in 2015.
  • Colombia is No. 1 of fair coffee, Peru leads with organic coffee.
  • The cultivation of UTZ-certified coffee grows by an average of 30 % per year and amounted to 0.5 million units in 2015.

If you are interested in the complete 106-page report, please click here for the pdf. Do not worry, there are also some pictures and tables 😉

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  • 2015 with the focus on health.
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Kaffeereport 2017

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