Maltese Coffee – with long tradition

Maltese Coffee – with long tradition

Maltese Coffee: Coffee was first introduced to the island of Malta in Europe in the 16th century


Maltese Coffee
Maltese Coffee cup
Maltese Coffee cup

Maltese Coffee: Traditional Preparation

Kafe Msajjar

  • The coffee powder you get ready to buy (like Ogygia (Gozo) or Kafé Borg) or you mix it yourself the following way
  • Use an Arabica Robusta coffee blend and mix with roasted chicory, ground cloves, orange peel and ground aniseed.
  • Bring 2 demi cups of water to a boil in a stanjata (coffee kettle).
  • After reducing the heat, sprinkle the water with 4 tbsp of the coffee mixture.
  • Stir after 3 min. and heat for a further 5 min. , but do not boil.
  • Then add 2 more demi cups of water.
  • Heat for a further 5 – 7 min. and stir occasionally.
  • Now remove from heat and filter the coffee through a fine sieve and fill in cups.
  • In summer you can enjoy the Maltese coffee also on ice.
Maltese Kafè

Maltese coffee – Arabic mocha flavored with cloves and rose water, as in North Africa.

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