Coffee with a long tradition

Coffee is consumed like tea throughout the day. Before, after and between breakfast (fatur), lunch (ghada) and dinner (‘asha) served.

Coffee houses (al-maqhah) are mostly limited to male customers who also play cards or backgammon with smoking a hookah (argileh).


Turkish and Arabic coffee are common, while Arabic coffee is mixed with cardamom and rather unsweetened.

  • Bring 250 ml of water to the boil
  • Remove from heat, add 3 tsp fine coffee powder and sugar to taste and stir.
  • Boil 3 times and serve in small mocha cups.

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By Ziad Daher Zaydany – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Qahwah Sadah

Bitter coffee after Bedouin style. It is considered a symbol of hospitality. The coffee is drunk in a ceremony. The host or eldest son serves the guests coffee in the small mocha cups from a brass jug (Dallah) in a clockwise direction by age and status. After 3 cups of coffee, it is a polite to say “Daymen“. That means “always” and stands for: “May you always have the means to serve coffee“. This concludes the ceremony.

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