Water Footprint

Water Footprint

In addition to the CO2 footprint, there is also a water footprint.
1 cup of coffee needs 132 l of water.
What does this mean for coffee?
  • How much water does a coffee tree use during growth?
  • How much water is needed for each step of the coffee production and processing.
  • How much water is used in packaging, how much is used for shipping?
  • The virtual water consumption for 1 kg of roasted coffee is calculated from this.
💧How much water is needed?
💡What can I do?
  • In order to reduce the personal coffee water footprint, one can drink Arabica instead of Robusta coffee and prefer coffee from mountainous countries. On good coffee you find this information.
  • Also the processing of the coffee plays a role – so the wet processed of course consumes more water than the dry.
  • Coffee with organic quality as it is produced without fertilizer and pesticides.
  • Especially the “gray” water content and thus the harmful environmental effects can be saved in this way.

Source: http://virtuelles-wasser.de


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