Slow Coffee

Slow Coffee

Slow food is known, but Slow Coffee?

That is quite easy! Away with the coffee machine and back to the roots.
Important for the Slow Coffee are, on the one hand, the coffee beans themselves. They should be ecologically grown and the farmer should receive a fair price for his work. On the other hand it is about to celebrate again the preparation with Cezve, Bialetti, French Press, Chemex, hand filter, cold dripper and Co. This makes the conscience much easier, saving energy, protecting the environment, saving money and is relaxing. More in my article CO2 footprint.

The facts

Sure, it is insanely practical. Just fallen out of bed; capsule, cup below, press and drink. But where is the fun? The aroma of freshly ground beans, the morning ritual brewing coffee by hand, and the much better taste. Sorry, George!

If you need inspiration, most countries have a coffee tradition, which I have researched and tested for you >>

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