Coffee (ყავა, khava) is a popular drink in Georgia.

The coffee drinking culture of the Georgians is by far not as highly developed as that in the neighboring countries Turkey or Armenia, where coffee is celebrated. Until a few years ago, Italian coffee specialties such as espresso, cappuccino etc. were limited to premium class gastronomy and were correspondingly expensive.

Since around 2012, however, numerous cafés (კაფე (Kape)) have popped up in larger cities, selling affordable Italian coffee in plastic cups to take away. Many of them are open 24 hours. At night you will mainly find taxi drivers and police officers here. This development has led to the fact that the prices for such coffee specialties in gastronomy have decreased and they can also be ordered in normal restaurants. Nevertheless, you should take a look at the menu before ordering so as not to find an espresso on the bill that costs as much as a main course. Since instant coffee is still very common, you should also ask which coffee specialties are available before ordering.

Traditional Preparation

Nalekiani Khava (ნალექიანი ყავა) /Turkhuli Khava (თურყული ყავა)

Until a few years ago, there was mainly Turkish coffee in Georgia. This is prepared in a metal jug on the stove or in an electric coffee maker. For this, a spoonful of coffee powder per cup, sugar to taste and water are mixed and boiled.

Alternatively, instant coffee is also widely spread in Georgia.

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