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café au lait is very common for breakfast. Traditionally, it is served in the “Bol”, a bowl-shaped dish. Important: Coffee and hot milk are poured at the same time, otherwise it is not real! And the coffee is filter coffee from a french press.
If you order un café you get an espresso. However, if you want a large coffee, you should order a grand café or a café double.

Other French coffee variations are:

  • café serré: an espresso with half the water (ristretto in Italy).
  • café allongé or un américain: This espresso is stretched with hot water.
  • café crème: coffee with frothy milk, can be ordered as petit crème and grand crème.
  • noisette: an espresso with a little bit of warm milk – similar to an Italian caffè macchiato
  • déca: decaf
  • café filtre: filter coffee, often with a plastic filter placed directly on the cup.
  • café arabe: turkish coffee
  • café brûlot: cognac flambéed with sugar and poured with coffee, orange liquor, cinnamon, cloves and cream.
  • café au kirsch: black coffee in a bowl to which cherry brandy is poured from the carafe according to taste.
  • mazagrin: sweetened coffee with brandy, Maraschino and Angostura on ice in a glass with a straw.
  • café royal: 1 cup of strong coffee, 2 tsp sugar, 2 tbsp cognac or brandy
  • canard: is a black, sweetened coffee with Marc de Champagne.
In French cafes you get rather sandwiches and savory snacks with your coffee. If you prefer something sweet, you should go to a Salon de Thé or a patisserie.

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