Today, on the 1st of August, the Swiss celebrate their national holiday.

A good occasion to see how our neighbors drink their coffee. First of all, some information:

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☕ Preparation

Since 4 languages ​​are spoken in Switzerland, there are large regional differences in how to order their coffee.

  • A Kafi or Café is a coffee.
  • The Café Crème is an extended espresso with a dash of cream – similar to France
  • Café Mélange is a coffee with whipped cream. The cream is usually served separately in a small bowl.
  • If you order a Schale (bowl) you get a milk coffee.
  • The Kafi Luz, Luzerner Kafi or Kafi Zwetschgenoder is a thin coffee with liquor and sugar. The whole is served in the glass.
  • Kafi GT or short GT, is a mixture of coffee, brandy and coffee cream.
  • Schümli Pflümli is a thin coffee with liquor and sugar. It is served with topped whipped cream in a coffee glass.
  • If you want something to eat for your coffee, simply order a Café complet or Kafi complet. Then there is either a full breakfast or dinner with milk coffee, bread, jam and cheese.

If you are traveling in Switzerland, here is a map of Swiss coffee roasters.

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