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Flora Coffee


Exclusive from Munich

It’s always nice to see new specialty coffee roaster open. Because here the roasters are not interested to sell cheap mass-produced coffee, but with quality and sustainability. In addition, Flora Coffee imports their coffee directly from a farm in Colombia and pay the farmers a fair price. In the shop you can also get coffees from roasting world champion Rubens Gardelli, spirits and lots of equipment from Chemex, Hario, Bialetti and Fellow.

How it all started

Florian and Rabih have been friends since school and both work in gastronomy. First they wanted to open café, but then everything changed this year, so they preferred to start with an online shop for coffee and equipment. As luck would have it, last year Rabih had a barista training with SCA certification in Florence where he got to know Silvana. She grows her own specialty coffee in Colombia. It is precisely this coffee that the guys import and have the Pacandé coffee roastery in Munich roast it according to their specifications.

The name Flora Coffee is a very simple combination of the first names of FLOrian and RAbih. On the logo you can see a woman’s head and a man’s head in profile. Rabih told me what this is about. The coffee is supposed to meet the tastes of women and men. I never thought of this before honestly! He told me while men are more likely to drink espresso, women often prefer cappuccino and cafe latte.


Flora Speciality Coffee

You can find three Flora coffees in the online shop. I had the pleasure to test them all in advance and I am thrilled! I usually prefer espresso (althrough I am a woman ;)) but my Hario V60 hand filter is currently used quite often for the two offered filter coffees.

5 times selected

The Caturra beans come from Colombia from Finca la Perla la Esperanza and grow at an altitude of 1,650 m. The coffee is washed, has an SCA score of 86, and so it is a specialty coffee and it is roasted light for filter. That is why one can taste flavors of fruits, tangerines, honey, caramel and chocolate. If you prefer to roast the coffee yourself, you can even get the green coffee here!

Colombian Geisha

I’m an avowed Panama Geisha fan. So it’s no wonder that I find the coffee damn delicious. Granted, it costs a few euros more, but it’s worth it for every sip. If you’re looking for a great filter coffee as a Christmas gift, this is my recommendation for you (Psst … you will find a coupon code below). The coffee comes from the same farm in Colombia, but it grows at an altitude of 1,950 m and achieves an SCA score of 88. The taste is sweet and floral with notes of jasmine, apple and raspberry.

Vulcano Blend

The name says it all, because the coffee grows on volcanic soil on Finca la Perla la Esperanza. The Arabica varieties Caturra, Castilo and Costa Rica are full city roasted and conjure up an exciting espresso in the cup. There are too many bitter Italian roast on the market! With the espresso here you not only get a full-bodied, strong coffee, you can also taste flavors of hazelnut, chocolate, dried fruits and bergamot. Works pure and with milk!

Gardelli Cignobianco

The bestselling coffee in the Flora Coffee online shop is the Cignobianco by Gardelli. The Italian chief roaster Rubens became World Coffee Roasting Champion in 2018. And that’s his only espresso blend – a blend from Brazil (red Catuaì – natural) and Ethiopia (heirloom – washed). I was allowed to try it too and I have to admit that I prefer the Vulcano Blend, because the Gardelli is a classic espresso.

Finca Hartmann

OMG! Didn’t I mention I’m a Panama Geisha fan ?! At this point I would like to send you once again a big THANK YOU very much to Munich for allowing me to test this coffee as well. The coffee is just great and you should get this rarity as soon as possible, because it is currently on sale and comes in a very elaborate, stylish packaging!

It grows at an altitude of 1,400 – 2,000 m on Finca Hartmann in the Chiriqui region, Panama. The annual harvest is only 200 kg and is honey processed. The SCA score is 92. You can expect notes of jasmine, bergamot, pineapple, honey, orange and vanilla.


What tastes better than a piece of chocolate with your coffee ?! But only the best – from Cacao Hunters! As with coffee, there are also extreme differences in quality with cocoa. I was allowed to try the 72% Arhuacos chocolate. The heirloom cocoa used is from cocoa trees that produce the finest flavor. They have a combination of historical, cultural, botanical, geographical and taste value. The cocoa of my chocolate tested comes from the Sierra Nevada and, at 5,775 m, is the highest coastal mountain in the world. Here, 500 year old cocoa trees were discovered that bear the spirit of an ancient civilization.

According to the manufacturer, the cocoa has notes of lime, green grapes and lemongrass. For this, the chocolate even received gold at the International Chocolate Awards 2015. This exclusive taste has its price – 8 € for 28 g. And you can treat yourself or your loved ones! After I finally dared to open the packaging and break off a small piece, I really have to say that there are also enormous differences in quality and taste with chocolate – not bitter at all, despite 72% cocoa and very fruity – awesome!

Just a moment, before you are also in the coffee-chocolate euphoria – I have a voucher for you. With kaffeefreunde you save 20% on your purchase in the online shop.

I keep my fingers crossed for Florian and Rabih that the shop café in Munich will also work in the future, because specialty coffee cafés are still far too rare in Munich!

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