Specialty Coffee vs. Industrial Coffee

Everyone should drink what he likes. But not everyone has time and desire to research everything that belongs to everyday life. So here is a brief comparison for you.

Industrial Coffee
Specialty Coffee
  • Here, the coffee is roasted in 2-digit kg batches in drum roasters for up to 20 min. gently of up to 200 ° C.
  • This degrades the chlorogenic acids as much as possible and makes the coffee neither bitter nor burnt tasting.
  • The often better / more expensive raw coffee can also be roasted brighter so that fine fruit notes determine the aroma.
  • But even darker roasted espresso is easier to digest since the chlorogenic acids are almost completely reduced.
  • The coffee is often more expensive, but tastes better and is more digestible.
  • Specialty coffee often promises more sustainability in the cup, which starts with the organic cultivation of small farmers often in forest areas, through fair and direct trade to transparency.
  • You get the coffee offline and online at the roster of your trust.

Ultimately, everyone has to weigh for themselves what he likes and the cup of coffee is worth. Enjoy!

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