Single Origin VS Blends

Single Origin VS Blends

Ordering coffee can be a challenge, because not only the preparation, ingredients, additives and “to go?” can be chosen – the beans as well!
Basically one differentiates between single origins and blends.

coffee-bean-1296803_640 Single Origins

  • If a coffee has this title, all coffee beans must come from the same cultivation area and must not be mixed with other coffee varieties.
  • In the last few years, this has become hip, not only in terms of taste, but also because more and more coffee drinkers want exclusive products with exceptional taste.
  • Compared to coffee blends, the beans of the Single Origins are roasted brighter. This makes the tasteful facet richness of the varietal coffee particularly effective.
  • Fruity tastes such as berry, grapefruit and lemon are so emphasized.
  • The coffees also have a high quality standard because only the best beans of a crop are selected for it. Classifications like SHG (Strictly High Grown) and AA indicate that.
  • On my website you will get the corresponding Single Origin Coffee recommendations in the COFFEE COUNTRIES section, including the traditional preparation method.
  • In the shops themselves, you get transparent information from cultivation to roasting and flavor per coffee, as the roasters usually maintain direct contact with the farmers.

coffee-bean-1296803_640coffee-bean-1296803_640coffee-bean-1296803_640 Blends

At the end, its just about taste – enjoy tasting

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