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  • As a neighboring country of Mexico and Guatemala, coffee is grown here in organic quality in the rainforest of the western Gullon Jug Estate.
  • Other cultivation areas are, e.g. in the southern Belcampo. Here you can even visit the farm.
  • Bowen and his farm manager planted coffee from Costa Rica in the west of the country.
  • The fertile soils and the subtropical, temperate climate offer ideal conditions for the cultivation of fine Arabica coffee.
  • Unfortunately there is often a lack of altitude in the country. Therefore the cultivation areas are small.
  • The plants grow without pesticides, fungicides or herbicides; The coffee cherries are harvested hand-picked and are wet-processed.
  • The coffee has premium quality and gains more and more respect on the specialty coffee market.
  • It has a mild body with relatively low acidity and a pleasant taste.
  • However, the quantity of coffee that Belize produces is hardly relevant to the world market.
  • And so the coffee is also very expensive. That is why you often get coffee from neighboring Guatemala, Mexico or El Salvador in the country itself.
  • Even instant coffee is widely drunken.

☕ Traditional Preparation

The Maya roast the coffee traditionally in a comal over the fire. The comal is a flat, round cooking plate made of clay.

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