Zimbabwe Coffee

Zimbabwe Coffee

35,000 tonnes of coffee make up 20 % of Zimbabwe’s economy.
  • Coffee came into Zimbabwe via European colonization around the 1850s.
  • Sadly, in the 1920s, an unfortunate plague wiped out almost all of the Zimbabwe Coffee plants in the region.
  • It took until the 1960s to have a coffee comeback in the country.
  • The coffee production of Zimbabwe continues to suffer under the land reform of Robert Mugabe in early 2000, during which many landowners were expropriated and killed.
  • Officially it was split up to small farmers, but it belongs to the politicians, who have no agricultural expertise and the areas partly simply grow profusely.
  • The production volume is correspondingly low.


Zimbabwe coffee cup
Zimbabwe coffee

Zimbabwe Coffee Culture

In Zimbabwe coffee is mostly a drink for the wealthy people. Instead of paying for a premium beverage, people rather have a hot drink at home. Slowly the trend of hanging out in a coffee shop is growing in Zimbabwe, and as a consequence, a few coffee shops here and there have become popular, where you can drink a coffee or even have a full meal.

The most popular ways to prepare Zimbabwe coffee are pour-over, drip, French press, and cold brew coffee.


Zimbabwe’s top coffee brands are:

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