Are you still drinking, or are you already fasting?

Every 5th German does it. In addition to abstinence when eating is the abandonment of cigarettes, alcohol, plastic, your own car or digital detox in vogue. Where it comes from and 4 reasons why you do not have to give up coffee, expect you today.


  • Fasting is an integral part of all world religions.
  • The goal is the purification of the soul, the repentance of Christianity, the defense against evil, the pursuit of concentration, enlightenment or salvation.
  • Christians fast for 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter.
  • This period is symbolic of the 40-day fasting of Jesus in the desert (Mt 4,2).
  • In the Middle Ages, only one meal a day was allowed during Lent, usually in the evening.
  • The consumption of meat, dairy products, alcohol and eggs was prohibited.
  • That’s exactly why the tradition of making pastries like donuts on the days of carnival comes to using up supplies like milk, eggs, sugar or lard.
  • In addition to abstaining from certain foods, other forms of asceticism and penance are recommended, like charity, donation and praying more.


As always, everything in moderation. So if you drink a cup of coffee every hour, you can just try limiting yourself to 1-2 cups in the morning, or drink a black unsweetened coffee instead of your sweetened cappuccino. Incidentally, it also tastes good if you find the right beans and the right preparation for you.

As many fasting people are also concerned with health issues, this option is a good idea. Add to that the positive effects of coffee that support weight loss. First of all black coffee has hardly any calories, has a filling effect and the caffeine supports the release of fatty acids from the depots and has a stimulating effect on the cardiovascular system.

Cheers guys.

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