Coffee in Singapore

Coffee in Singapore

Singaporeans love coffee

Traditional Preparation Kopi: coffee with condensed milk

  • Kopi-O: coffee with sugar
  • Kopi-O kosong: coffee without sugar
  • Kopi-C: coffee with canned milk and sugar
  • Kopi-poh: extended coffee
  • Kopi-gao: “thicker” coffee, similar to the double espresso
  • Kopi-siew-dai: coffee with little sugar and condensed milk
  • Kopi-di-lo: coffee without dilution


Kopi coffee cup
kopi coffee sock

Kopi Gu You/ Kopi gu yu
  • Add 2-4 tsp sweetened condensed milk in a glass
  • Carefully pour in strong filter coffee.
  • Finally, add a slice of butter on top of the coffee.

Kopi Tarik
Kopi Si Kosong
Kopi Peng

Iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk

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