Facebook Group: Traditional Coffee Lovers

Facebook Group: Traditional Coffee Lovers

Drinking coffee together worldwide

Coffee connects! Each country has its own coffee tradition and coffee culture. Unfortunately, one knows too little about how people in other countries drink their coffee. In Germany it is often the filter coffee, in Turkey the Türk Kahvesi, in Greece the Cafe Frappe, in Kenya the Kahawa, in Vietnam the Caphe Sua Da and in many Latin American countries the Cafecito.

If you want to share your coffee with people and get to know the culture of other countries, you are cordially invited to join my new Facebook group Traditional Coffee Lovers. We are already more than 500 from Germany, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Nigeria, India, Mexico, Philippines, Algeria, Singapore, USA, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, China, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, Burkina Faso, Somalia many more countries.

A few ideas
  1. Share your first coffee in the morning with us
  2. Exchange coffee recipes and preparations with other group members.
  3. Before going on vacation ask the group what kindof coffee to expect or if someone has coffee or cafe recommendations on site.

… and whatever else comes to your mind.

I shared a few of my coffee pictures from different parts of the world. But this is not about the perfect picture, but the worldwide exchange and togetherness drinking coffee. Because coffee connects the world and people!

Traditional Coffee Lovers
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